Connections are Key

Spanning from the South Pacific to Europe, the KlickEx Inter-bank Network (VOSnet) provides Banks, Businesses and Regulators with market leading secure access to global Financial Infrastructure.

VOSnet enables authenticated Banks (and in some instances Telco's) to provide real-time or same day payment and settlement of cleared funds to any other VOSnet connected bank, in any connected country.

Further innovations are automatically available to assist the speed and liquidity of transactions, including the patented Synapse systems, which optimises multi-currency pathways for fast, low cost and liquid transactions at customer requested exchange rates.

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KlickEx delivers Now

On the 1st January 2011, the KlickEx network provided real-time/same day domestic and international settlements to Local, Regional, and International Banks who serve more than 25 million consumers across nearly 7,000 branch locations.

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What is VOSnet?

High-Speed Domestic Clearing

VOSnet is an institutional, multi-bank, multi-currency system for small/medium-sized banks, regulators, and government agencies.

VOSnet provides advanced, independently regulated, and patent protected facilities to track and manage financial reporting, balance of payment flows, fiscal/treasury positions as well as backend systems to regional money transmission and foreign exchange companies who are supervised by our systems.

A Connected Bank, following the settlement facility process, is able to provide real time book-transfers (on behalf of themselves, and their customers) to high-speed domestic clearing between VOSnet connected banks– as well as Tier-1 access to the real time worldwide payment network.

Same currency transfers are instant within VOSnet - and can be passed on as cleared funds to any other VOSnet connected bank customer in real time, in any part of the world.

Transactions involving Foreign Exchange are processed via the KlickEx Market.

KlickEx, through VOSnet and the KlicKEx market, directly manages our world-wide foreign exchange settlement accounts to ensure security, reliability, and instant delivery of cleared funds.

Depending on the requirements of your business, KlickEx can offer several options for VOSnet integration.

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